Hello World!

The famous “Hello World! “This is usually the first thing you learn to display in programming. So it’s perfect to start a new blog! Especially since we’re talking about programming languages, what better way to appeal to a professional translator with a passion for technology?

So let me welcome you to this blog. I will try, as far as my tasks allow, to post new articles regularly. On the menu: a little bit of everything, as long as it concerns the world of translation and languages. Everything has its place: my activity, news and updates on the language industry, tips and tricks for both clients and translators, information on tools, thoughts and anything else I can think of..

Of course, this space is not destined to remain an infinite monologue. That’s why I’m leaving the comments open, feel free to react. The comments are there to express yourself, to share, to ask questions, to suggest topics for articles, and so on… the goal is to be able to interact!

But, you, what do you expect from this blog?

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