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A language professional at your service

Translation a complex process

Translating is more than just replacing words in one language with their equivalents in another. It can be a really easy process, but it can also be a real headache. When you want to translate a document, a multitude of questions can arise:

  • Who is going to translate? An agency, a freelancer, interns…?
  • In what format? Do I need a specific layout, a particular file format… ?
  • How do I do it? With software, artificial intelligence, by hand… ?
  • With which optimizations ? Do I need to update regularly, reuse recurring texts, respect a specific glossary… ?
  • Do I have any particular constraints? Confidentiality, schedule to respect… ?
  • How can I be sure that the translation is good? What quality control measures can I take?
  • What about my videos… ?

It is to answer all these questions, and many others, that I offer you my personalized and tailor-made support, so that together, we can set up the solution that suits you and that you can then be perfectly autonomous.

Professional advice

Whether you are facing a peak in activity, expanding internationally or looking for new expertise to complete your teams and launch your business, I am there to support you.

14 years of experience

During my career, I have been able to observe from the inside the workings of numerous translation agencies, I have worked on the client side and I have worked with thousands of translators, which has allowed me to develop effective strategies that have proven themselves in real-life situations.

Customized support

Whether you are just starting out internationally or need a helping hand to explore and implement new processes, I offer you a tailor-made support to make your projects a success.

At your side from the beginning to the end

We study your projects together and I accompany you from start to finish so that you can achieve your goals with complete peace of mind.

Together we build a personalized solution unique to your projects and your needs.

Let’s talk about your needs: