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A language professional at your service

Translation, transcreation et subtitling

Translation is a real profession with its own codes, tools and techniques. Just as it is not enough to own an oven to be a baker or to have ten fingers to be a pianist, speaking a foreign language is not enough to make a good translator.

With over fourteen years of experience in the language industry and a degree in translation, I offer my expertise to companies in English, Japanese and Chinese by translating only into my mother tongue: French.

English > French

Japanese > French

Chinese > French

3 levels of service depending on your needs and documents to suit your project and budget:


Proofreading and correction of translations automatically using the latest technology. It is the ideal solution for fast and cost-effective output and is ideal for highly structured documents that require little writing skills but needs to convey information.


100% human made translations, faithful to your source text and adapted to your target audience. The ideal solution for all your documents. It allows you to capture all the nuances of your text and to transcribe them accurately.


Your document has an essential strategic scope, it uses very local references and really needs to be adapted? Transcreation is the solution for you. This is a rewriting of the text, starting from your initial ideas to create a brand new text.

Specialities and fields of translation

I am experienced and curious by nature and can handle all types of documents, but like any professional translator, I am more familiar with certain fields than others:

Legal &

Legal texts, contracts, legal notices, RGP clauses, calls for tender..

Marketing &

Leaflets, brochures, white papers, magazines, packaging, e-commerce…

Finance &

Reference documents, investor information, notices of meetings, HR documents…

Web &

Leaflets, brochures, white papers, magazines, packaging, e-commerce…

Entrust me with your project:

My ethics

To provide you with the highest level of quality to meet all your expectations in accordance with the values I hold dear:

    • This is the very reason why you call in a professional. I only work into my mother tongue and I only accept an assignment if I am sure I can do it, because your success is also my success.
    • Translators work with sensitive documents every day, so I make a point of ensuring the confidentiality of all work entrusted to me and am happy to sign any confidentiality agreement.
    • Your deadlines are important, so please let me know as soon as you ask, I will do my best to meet them or I will tell you directly if this is not possible and then offer you my best deadline.
    • When you call in a professional, it is to solve your problems, not to create new ones. This is why I respect the code of ethics for translators as set out by the French Translators’ Society.